Failure of Plastic Seat

Our experts utilized state of the art forensic analysis technology to determine that the material was contaminated causing the material to be weak. The contamination was visible in the fracture surface as shown below. Multiple chemical techniques identified the contaminants are recycled plastics and paint chips.

Computer stress analysis called Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used to evaluate the failed scooter seat design. The stress analysis revealed serious design flaws in the design of the seat causing the stresses to be highly concentrated in the area where the seat failed. The combination of the defective design and the defective material are what worked synergistically together to cause the failure.

As a result of our work, the matter settled favorably for our client. A news article about the outcome of this matter can be seen at:

See a more in-depth review of this case with a link to request a 15 page article on this work.